Wave pool

The artificially created sea atmosphere name "Wave Pool" turns to be the prime attraction of the Happy Land Water Theme Park. The up roaring waves and sea atmosphere has much fun and entertainment for the visitors coming to Happy Land.





Rocky Falls

Happy Land Water theme park is located in naturally gifted panoramic location. The "Rocky Fall" of the Happy Land is the best example for its naturally blended beauty. The Rocky Fall of the theme park is known as the Mini "Kuttalam" . The waterfall through the steep rock mountain etches in the visitors heart an elegant outing enjoyed in the Happy Land Water Theme park.

Family pool

Family Pool

The complete family entertainment section of the Happy Land Water theme Park, is unique in its style and design. The family pool has many other water rides attached to the pool for un ending fun and entertainment for the family visiting Happy Land.

Uphill water

Uphill Water Ride

Uphill Water Ride is the unique specialty, the only one of its' kind in India which makes Happy Land the prestigious water theme Park in Kerala. Extending to a larger area with multifaceted entertainment facilities, "Uphill Water Ride" creates an enthralling experience to its riders.

Wave pool

Aqua trail

Aqua trail is the funny water ride in the "Family Pool". This funny ride creates an environment for joy and happiness of the family together visiting Happy Land water theme park.

Water falls

Water Falls


Multi water play

Multi - water play system

Mainly focused for family entertainment, this family pool turns to be the one among the major attractions of the Happy Land. You won't know how long you stay in water playing with the crystal blue water falls, sliding ways and bowl riding. The family pools provides you with hours of enjoyment , especially for the family group visiting Happy Land.


Dance, dance and just dance in the rain. You will feel the paradise on the earth. The awesome fun of dancing under the rain dancing floor can be experienced.